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Short deep work and results-driven home workouts (mainly 25 minutes). 

Welcoming beginners and experienced alike – the reality is it’s not about ‘online’,  working out at home is a smart way to maximise your time, to keep those physical promises to yourself, without the need for leaving the house and maybe paying for child-care.    Making the decision to get results at home is the creation of new habit,  you decide you need to start, you wish to start, create your space for your work-out, get your head in the game, join us.     Not only will you feel physical benefits, but you will get great headspace in your own space.

The mission is to get you results, with consistent good energy and enviable outcomes.

Find a space, any space.

Energy Balance 90 Days Programme 

A twelve week programme so you can discover how an online programme can work for you.  This programme will give you support, resources to help your progress, easy ways to enhance and track your progress  with the added bonus of twelve nutritional and behavioural modules from which you create your own ‘take-aways’ (pardon the pun) from the education which you then apply to your lifestyle to bring you closer to your goals.   There is daily support from your coaches, plus information from a team of world class nutritionists and the opportunity for a ‘Where You Are At Chat’.

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Meet Carmell

With a genuine love and passion for coaching and addicted to making people feel deservedly good about themselves, Carmell DeMello, the creator of Energy Balance Fitness has been married to the fitness industry for over 25 years.

Former Group Fitness Co-ordinator at UL Sport Arena, University of Limerick, Carmell created an extensive programme, looking after her much loved participants and wonderful instructor team.

Presenter for UK & Ireland Spinning(R) Team at UK and Irish Events including WellFest, Dublin.

Teacher of Pre-Season Pilates with Munster Rugby Team – a very tough job, but someone had to do it.

Co-creator of the Lough Derg Barre, Pilates & Yoga Experiences with Limerick Fitness Legend Emma Cross.

A lover of education, (never stop learning), she is an Online Health Coach, Personal Trainer and qualified in many programmes including Precision Nutrition, Spinning® Kick Start Womens’ Health Programmes, Les Mills, Beach Body, Fitness Pilates ( Fitness Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions & Pregnancy & Personal Training), Pilates Institute Matwork, Pilates Institute of Santa Fe, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Barre, TRX, Dance Fitness.

Carmell has a special affinity with the stunning Lakeside Hotel, Ballina/Killaloe and its amazing team.

Simply loves helping people receive great outcomes and has a lot of energy, empathy and experience to get you the desired results.

See what our clients have to say…

“Energy Balance Fitness short, intense classes have achieved more for me than any form of exercise – particularly in relation to core and upper body – I’ve never been stronger. A fantastic kick-start to my day, always something new but always highly targeted for where I really need it”

Aileen, Killaloe & Kerry, Ireland

“Carmell and I have been on many Spinning Adventures across Europe, now that the pandemic is dividing us, we are more united than ever, thanks to online classes.  I am delighted to be keep seeing Carmell and benefit from her warmth and amazing professional energy.”

Liliana, Rome, Italy
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Find a space, any space, and get started today.

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