Lift Lean is a Group Strength Programme with a nutritional layer to help you get the best results from your workout.

We all need weights in our life, and making that commitment to join us at Tuesdays at 7pm at The Lakeside Hotel, Ballina, Killaloe will ensure you tick that box for yourself.   You will work with weights of your own choice, no pressure to go heavy, but you will be given lots of guidance, technique instruction and re-enforcement giving  you the skills and the strength to take this knowledge and physical awareness in to your Gym Workouts or other Group Trainings.

This is a two part programme and participants also get amazing value with an Accredited Nutritionist of Quantum Nutrition (World Class Nutritionists) to look after them too…giving a comprehensive service and a full wellbeing package.


We are starting back on Thursday 19th January  7.30pm  The Killaloe Hotel & Sp

Back by popular request….easy to follow dance workout.

Made up of  easy to follow, achievable steps from dances including waltz, quickstep, cha cha cha, American smooth, broken down in a way that makes them easy to master and convert in a dance fitness workout, where you don’t even realise you’re working out.

Such a friendly, happy vibe.

Join us.

Four Week Pass – €40

Gift your friend ”  A chance to dance” with our Gift Vouchers. Not only will you be happy you are giving a really useful present, your friend/sister/mother/grandmother will feel so happy and accomplished after her DanceFit Experience.  

BODY BOOST at the Lakeside Hotel

Mondays 09.30

A Multi Style Group Fitness Class      Cardio/Conditioning/Running Drills/Boxing Combos/Deep Work Legs/HIIT on the MAT/Pilates/Yoga Finisher.   Ideal for beginners

New Platinum Package  Personal Coaching Combined with the energy of Group Training

The Habit Factor

Need a new habit?

Why not pick up the habit of wellness, a motivational programme bursting with a variety of tried and tested methods, in person and online, to get you the results you want, whatever they may be.   Let's give you technique confidence, find out what  you 'really, really like and want to do (if it's enjoyable, it will be more sustainable) and   give you a springboard, so you can take off on your own, using different methods,

Each Month in a nutshell

1 Personal Coaching Two 30 minute 1 - 1, in person,
Accountability Coaching reviews

2 Live Classes Up to 12 classes

3 Online Classes 16 online classes

4 Expert Nutritionist From our partners at Quantum Nutrition

Using A blend of Weights/strength training, Cardio, Pilates and Yoga flexibility

Modified to suit all levels

Supported with a balanced Nutrition programme

Motivation guaranteed

Outcomes and results

Varied routines

2 x personal coaching reviews at your home or online

To tailor programme

Monitor progress

Perfect movement technique

Explore new activities

Partner you with through a session

Up to 3 live classes per week in person

Work out with your other team members at

Body Boost                       The Lakeside Hotel      Monday           09.30 – 10.30

Lift Lean                          The Lakeside Hotel               Tuesday        19.00 – 20.00

Dance Fit                            The Killaloe Hotel        Thursday         19.30 – 20.30

‘Start the day’ online classes 25 mins per day

One of the best habits you will ever create. Get your workout completed in 25 minutes and get on with your day, energised and revitalised

Core Dynamics  Abs, legs, glutes   Tuesday                 07.05 – 07.30

Energy Balance Flow                       Wednesday           07.05 – 07.30

Yoga /Pilates blend

Barre (with arms)                                 Thursday        07.05 – 07.30

Lift Lean in 25                                    Friday            07.05 – 07.30

4 Professional Nutritionist support

Access to our partners Quantum Nutrition to enhance results of your training who are always available for guidance giving you the tools to make your nutrition work for you

€38 per week paid monthl

To avail of this offer contact:

[email protected]

You will love our events at the award winning Lakeside Hotel in Ballina/Killaloe.

New dates in the pipeline.

Gift Vouchers Available

A really useful gift which will go on giving.

If you give the gift of wellness and fitness, your present will have further effects, when the recipient doesn't have to pay for classes or Personal Training themselves in January, when most people become more health conscious but are also counting the days until Pay Day at the end of the January.

Vouchers can be used for Group Fitness Classes at the Lakeside Hotel, Personal Training or Nutritional Support programmes.

Maybe gift your friend 'the chance to dance' and she can take part in DanceFit (that will really brighten up her January) that's just one of the options,

And we promise you, whoever you give the gift to, will be so thankful that this part of their 2023 is already taken care of..


With over 27 Years in the Fitness Industry, Carmell wanted to create something really special for all of her clients and is passionate about  creating collaborations with dedicated experts in their respective fields, to give extra layers of amazing support and of course value.

Energy Balance Fitness has a  partnership with Quantum Nutrition, a team of world class nutritionists, whose ethos is to set up clients with Nutrition for Life.

When you purchase a monthly pass for any of our programmes, you also get access to Shelly Baker, Accredited Nutritionist, with Quantum Nutrition.. which is of so much value, in so many ways.

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