“Become a healthy, fit and focused female in business”  We can help you whether it’s for fat loss, energy or daily performance – we are YOUR TEAM”

‘let a team of experts look after you, whilst you take care of business’

Are you a female in business who  is afraid to press in the working day, looking after business and everything and everyone else?  Would you like some help with nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, without being bombarded, scolded or feeling like you have another set of jobs to add to your already bursting schedule?

Let us look after you so that you can take care of business feeling good about yourself

Energy Balance Fitness’ clients are female entrepreneurs, they know what to do, but life and running a business, keeps getting in the way of their good intentions, they like accountability and nutritional reminders and they respond well to a step by step approach.

Tweaking or transformation, body shape or lifestyle, online health coaching can help you realise bulletproof healthy habits.   Success is available by taking the time to evaluate personal goals, whether it’s for body shape, nutritional focus, health, weight/fat loss, maintaining youthful outlook, greater vitality and high performance living.  Exercise & activity still play their role, but this isn’t bootcamp!

You can do this even if your schedule is crazy. Location doesn’t matter.

Clients get results with small powerful changes and positive habit tweaking. We make sure that your nutrition supports your fitness and physique goals (without spending hours working out).  It’s about the person not the tech, but it is nice to have the tools, so you get access to the Energy Balance Fitness Online app. It’s smooth and easy to use, and all your personalised coaching, communication and resources will be there to assist you along the way.

Our worth is not defined by numbers on scales, but it might be a trigger point to take charge, leading towards a positive focus on energy and balance.

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“Only one word…Brilliant. Carmell is really motivating, gives super tips on nutrition, and ways of approaching habits. The support online was excellent and vital…especially the wiggle room advised which saved any guilt trips. Once I started that was it, and I continue to lose weight ( 16 lbs. so far and inches all around). Thank you Carmell, you gave me the Kick to start and the will to keep going on this healthy journey. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Lourda , Ognonelloe, County Clare, Ireland

“Training online with Carmell has been a game changer for me, as I have never had the time or true love for the gym, but this approach is motivating yet empathic. She understands my lifestyle and work/home hectic schedules. Never any reproach, just encouragement. I know when to address habits good or bad, thanks to these programmes.”

Sarah, Ballina, County Tipperary, Ireland

“It’s already been a lovely journey, with loads of ideas and recipes, which I am looking forward to continuing.”

Annette, Ballina, County Tipperary, Ireland
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