Online Workout Programmes for Home

Short strong, dynamic workouts……Achievable and effective

Energy Balance Fitness Online offers a programme of  short deep work and results-driven home workouts (mainly 25 minutes).  

This space has become an ultra friendly community of  females, early risers, those who  may be working at home,  those who need a nudge to step away from their desk.

Welcoming beginners and experienced alike – the reality is it’s not about ‘online’, it’s not about ‘the device you are watching from’, working out at home is smart way to maximise your time, to keep those physical promises to yourself, without the need for leaving the house and maybe paying for child-care.

Making the decision to get results at home is the creation of new habit,  you decide you need to start, you wish to start, create your space for your work-out, get your head in the game, join us.

Not only will you feel physical benefits, but you will get great headspace in your own space.

The mission is to get you results, with consistent good energy and enviable outcomes.

The Energy Balance Programme of Classes is of unbelievable value.  Go check it out.

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Corporate Wellness Programmes

Corporate Wellness Package

If you would like a tailor-made session for you and your co-workers, or your team mates, please get in touch.

Words from from those who know….

“Carmell and I have been on many Spinning and fitness adventures across Europe, and now that the pandemic is dividing us, we are more united than ever, thanks to online classes. I am delighted to be able to keep up our fitness connection and also benefit from her warmth and amazing professional energy”

Liliana , Rome, Italy
Professional female

“As someone who attended daily live classes in my working day, I have adapted really well to home online workouts, which have maximised the energy for my work. The short, 25-minute early morning classes have been a substitute to my morning coffee and set me up for a sometimes hectic day ahead! I look forward to classes with Carmell and would highly recommend her classes to anyone who could do with an energy boost to drive your professional day.”

Lorna , County Cork, Ireland
professional female working from home on laptop

“Energy Balance classes are well structured, challenging, but most importantly effective. The ability to do these from home, is an added bonus. I have my morning work out done before the kids get up for breakfast – feeling energised and ready to start the day. The lunchtime classes are also great to give a much needed break from the desk! I really cannot recommend highly enough. If you make these an important part of your working day,  you will see results! No question.”

Joanne, Ballina, County Tipperary, Ireland

“I was dreading missing classes, when the first lockdown started, but I didn’t need to worry.  I adapted to online workouts really quickly, it’s great to use the equipment, that I had at home already. My favourite classes are Core Dynamix and Barre.”

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