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“out of bed and onto the mat”

I thoroughly enjoy the early morning workouts.   Though I no longer go out to work or rush children out to school. I am naturally an early riser. I love the discipline of out of bed and  on to the mat. and fast effective workout, before the world is up and about, and all in the comfort of my own home!


“more energy, slept well and felt great”

Carmell has been supportive throughout the Lift Lean Programme,  and so encouraging when I lost my resolve on a couple of occasions.   The recipes are easy to follow and really tasty and a shopping list ensures that you are well organised for the week ahead of healthy eating.  Not only did I lose weight, I had more energy, slept  well and generally felt great.   I would encourage anyone considering trying “online” to give it a go and Carmell’s kindness, sense of humour and positivity makes it all the easier to follow and stay on track,



Only one word…Brilliant. Carmell is really motivating, gives super tips on nutrition, and ways of approaching habits. The support online was excellent and vital, especially the wiggle room advised which saved any guilt trips. Once I started that was it, and I continue to lose weight (16 lbs. so far and inches all around ). Thank you Carmell.  You gave me the kick to start, and the will to keep going on this healthy journey.  I couldn’t recommend it enough.


I have loved the online approach, as whilst I eat healthily anyway, I love having my focus renewed and subtle accountability works for me.  As someone who works completely around her kids’ schedules (like all mums), being in a certain place, at a certain time would be a deal breaker! The accountability keeps me inspired. We all know what to do, but It is nice to have someone there to give us that virtual nudge.


Training online with Carmell has been a game changer for me, as I have never had the time or true love for the gym, but this approach is motivating yet empathic. She understands my lifestyle and work/home hectic schedules. Never any reproach, just encouragement. I know when to address habits good or bad, thanks to these programmes.



“Energy Balance Fitness does exactly what the brand says, since I starting working with Carmell and this programme I have certainly gained more energy, become more balanced with food and nutrition and gained some serious core strength and fitness. I really enjoy the variety of classes from Barre to CDX and there is a real feel of community, support and fun to the group workouts online.  If you want more Energy, Balance and Fitness in your life sign up NOW!”

Andree, Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland

“Carmell and I have been on many Spinning Adventures across Europe, now that the pandemic is dividing us, we are more united than ever, thanks to online classes.  I am delighted to be keep seeing Carmell and benefit from her warmth and amazing professional energy.”

Liliana , Rome, Italy

“Having done lots of classes with Carmell for a number of years I was dreading missing them, when things started to change in March 2020. I didn’t need to worry, the transition to online kept me going. I love having access to the range of classes online. I particularly love Barre & CDX (Core Dynamix).”

Nicola, Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland
mother doing yoga outdoors early morning

“As a working mother of four, I am delighted to be able to exercise in the morning. All the classes compliment my love of walking, running and hiking and set me up for my day in my home office. Find a space, any space.”

Dorothy, Up in the mountains, County Tipperary, Ireland
professional female working from home on laptop

“Energy Balance classes are well structured, challenging, but most importantly effective. The ability to do these from the comfort of my own home is an added bonus. I have my morning work out done before the kids get up for breakfast – feeling energised and ready to start the day. Lunchtime classes are also great to give a much needed break from the desk! I really cannot recommend highly enough.”

Joanne , Ballina, County Tipperary, Ieland
Professional female

“As someone who attended daily live classes, I have adapted really well to home online workouts, which have maximised the energy in my day. The short, 25-minute early morning classes have been a substitute to my morning coffee and set me up for a sometimes hectic day ahead! I look forward to classes with Carmell and would highly recommend her classes to anyone who could do with an energy boost to drive your working day.”

Lorna , County Cork, Ireland & Amsterdam. The Netherlands

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